Don't Let Your Beauty Fade: Teenagers Have The Best Skincare Routines

Don't Let Your Beauty Fade: Teenagers Have The Best Skincare Routines

Some of the best skincare routines were created when we were teenagers with either purchased or homemade ingredients and an unmatched discipline in taking care of our skin.

But that doesn't have to fade as we get older. Taking a little time for ourselves in the morning or during the day can make a big difference in the long run. When was the last time you actually took time to investigate your skin, see what it's telling you and what it needs? 

  When I was pregnant, I was wondering when was this pregnancy glow going to kick in? Heard about this glow for so long yet I hadn't experienced it. I felt so ugly, my face and hair was always dry and let's not talk about my complexion. I looked like burnt toast bread. My face and neck were under attack.

  After birth, it was the same; no improvement for awhile. However, I did come to the realization that that was hormonal and to be kind to myself. The rest of my body still needed care. My hands and feet... 

  When the dust settled and I was looking like my self again in complexion, I still needed to combat the dry and flakiness on my face and hair. And that's when I remembered my high school days. I took care of my face and hair with homemade formulas religiously. Although I used "hair crack" (perm) a few times, (not judging, lol) I would go through a deep conditioning process I created from reading numerous beauty magazines and also from that inherited knowledge passed down to me.

  I would use mayo, mashed avocado and pure vitamin e as a conditioner. Then apply more vitamin e and raw aloe directly to my dried hair and use hair oils with all natural ingredients specifically for hair growth and retention, resulting in thick hair. As far as my face and body, exfoliating scrubs, face mask including egg protein and lotions with added oils. Just like soap, there are store bought lotions that may smell good but still leave your skin dry after a few minutes and you're left still having to add oils to give you shine, hydrate and protect your skin.

As I got older and made less and less time for myself, the more and more the ware and tear showed on my face. So that's when I decided enough was enough and chose to try and recapture that smooth skin and thick luscious hair I had back in those days of high school. I started purchasing and creating my own natural products again, giving a sense of renewal and taking charge of something fixable but that I let it get out of control for far too long. 

The foods we eat and stressful situations in life can play a huge role as well but once you take the time out to show yourself care and love. All will fall into place.


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